What to pay attention to when choosing the perfect window?

What to pay attention to when choosing the perfect window?

Let’s go over the important things:

  1. Energy efficiency

With the costs for living rising and the climate changing, we assure you that energy efficiency is one of the most important factor when choosing for your new set of windows and doors.

Two key factors should be the game-changers for your decision: R value and U-Factor.

Simplified, the R-value is an indicator of the energy efficiency of the materials and insulation. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation benefits. Also, always pay attention to the product’s U-factor — the rate of conducted non-solar heat flow. The lower the U-factor, the better the energy efficiency.

  1. Is it aluminium? Then it’s a yes!

The super strong metal that you can recycle infinitely and is 100 percent recyclable is probably the best choice for material for your home. Unlike many other materials, aluminium does not lose its characteristics in the recycling process. That means you can recycle it endlessly without any loss in quality.

It is highly durable, not affected by UV rays or water/moist and does not rot nor corrode.

Plus, the lifecycle of aluminium windows and doors has an average of 40+ years.

  1. Design

Let’s be honest: the design and the thrive for perfection and smoothness in details is what shapes the character of your project/home. The placement, the frames, the colors, the shapes, it is what sets the tone of the domestic visual dynamic. Besides having an impact of the quality of the life within four walls, the ways that the lightning and the natural flow of air is solved is probably a game-changer when decisions are being made. We at Testeral know and utterly respect this, and that is why we always strive for more, for better and for absolute perfection when design is concerned.

You can choose between our high-end and innovative designs here. Feel free to ask us anything, we are more than happy to help!