About Us

About Us

Testeral is a leading European manufacturer of aluminum windows, doors, and building products. As a family-owned business with nearly 3 decades of industry experience, we seek to provide an extensive range of high-performance, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient products. Our mission is to deliver top quality building systems on-time and within budget. As a company, we are continually inspired and committed to providing excellent customer support while maintaining a strong sense of professional ethics and sustainable values.

Testeral is dedicated on creating strong relationships with their customers which gives us the opportunity to constantly improve our products, service and quality. In this way Testeral is able to successfully meet the high requirements of the different markets, which makes us the biggest exporter of aluminium joinery in the territory of Serbia. Currently we are exporting our products to Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Australia and USA.

Testeral offers wide range of aluminium products:

  • Windows and Doors
  • Structural Glass Facades (Curtain walls)
  • Unitized Curtain Wall and Window wall
  • Blinds and Shutters
  • Aluminium Railings
  • Awning Systems
  • Pergolas, Verandas, & Canopies
  • Main Entrance Doors
  • Aluminium and Steel Fire resistance (Windows, Doors & Curtain Walls)
  • Aluminium and Ceramic Cladding/Facades (Alubond and ACM Panels)

Testeral provides to their customers technical support, projecting and designing of the project. We are working with our clients  from the beginning of the process and helping them to find the most suitable solution for their project.


Long-term goals for the quality policy of the company Testeral are: Fully satisfied customer with our services, Developing cooperation, establishing partnerships with suppliers in order to achieve customer requirements, Motivating employees and constant care of their further professional training in order to improve the quality of the production process, Continuous improvement of the quality management system, Contribution to protecting the environment, health and safety at work.


We have all required certificates and standards for USA market. We work with projects of any complexity