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Main Entrance Door


Elvial 88 i2

Intelligent Living

As everyday living sets people inside buildings (working, entertaining, sleeping etc), designing intelligent buildings that provide quality and comfort living combined with recourses conservation, becomes more and more important.

ELVIAL, as a technological leader in aluminium systems rises to this challenge with the innovative technology that sets fresh standards in contemporary doors and ELVIAL I2, windows.

ELVIAL XCLUSIVE 88 i2 exterior door three-level thermal break system is a new solution proposed that changes things at its category. It integrates all thermal insulation, sealing and design benefits, combining them with the previous security and functionality applications.

  • High thermal insulation performance thanks to the application of 24mm glass reinforced polyamide bars
  • Mechanism: GU mechanism
  • EPDM sealing gaskets
  • Fitted panel on the sheet option, in and out
  • Profiles have straight form
  • Thermal Insulation: Uf > 1.69 W/m2K

With the new Technology, the ideal becomes feasible and design freedom meets optimum energy


Max dimensions (HxW) Thermal insulation (Uf) Water tightness
2300mm x 1300mm Uf 1,6 W/ m2K Cat. E900
Min. Visible width frame-vent: inward opening Acoustic performance Air tightness max. test pressure
96.7 43 dB  450 Pa
Min. Visible width frame: inward opening 68.3mm
Min. Visible width frame-vent: inward opening 96.7mm
Min. Visible width T-profile 82mm
Max. height vent 2300mm
Max. width vent 1300mm
Max. weight vent (element) 150kg
Overall system depth frame 77mm
Overall system depth vent 77mm
Min. Glass thickness 15mm
Max. Glass thickness 52mm
Min. Glass thickness vent 15mm
Max. Glass thickness vent 60mm
Air tightness max. test pressure 450 Pa
Water tightness E900
Thermal insulation (Uf) Uf 1,6 W/m2K