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Sliding doors


Schuco ASS 70.HI

Highly thermally insulated sliding and lift-and-slide system with perfect watertightness, outstanding sound reduction and optional comfort technology

High insulation thermal break window system, with total face width of 101mm.

Thanks to the smart i2 technology, the frame features excellent thermal-insulation properties, while the advanced foam core for thermal breaking at the casement’s profile protects against any losses.

It is the basis of the thermal insulating ELVIAL multilock systems. Impressive level of water resistance and air permeability of 450 Pa certified for double sash opening frame in the largest dimensions (1.50 m x 2.30m). This level refers to a strong storm of 10 Beaufort and 89-102 Km/h wind speed.

Additional thermal insulation zone with core of special insulating material ELVIAL I 2 technology , which optimizes the isothermal curves at the intersection of the frame and neutralizes heat transfer by radiation.

Application of polyamide rods with 25% glass reinforcement (PA6.6 25 GF), maximum width 24 mm , for high thermal insulation.

Specially designed central gasket and wing tire glazing to effectively reduce heat.

Large panoramic slide and lift & slide system


Max dimensions (HxW) Thermal insulation (Uf) Water tightness
3000mm x 3000mm 1,3 W/m²K 1050 Pa
Min. Visible width frame-vent: inward opening Acoustic performance Energy level
86mm Rw = 44 dB High
Min. Visible width frame: inward opening 105mm
Min. Visible width frame-vent 160mm
Max. height vent 3000mm
Max. width vent 3000mm
Max. weight vent (element) 400kg
Overall system depth frame 70mm
Max. Glass thickness 50
Max. Glass thickness vent 52
Water tightness 1050Pa
Burglar resistance RC2
Thermal insulation (Uf) 1,3 W/m²K