Energy efficiency: the starting point for modern architects

Energy efficiency: the starting point for modern architects

What is probably the first thing that needs to be considered when choosing materials for your next project? Yes, that was an easy one: energy efficient windows. Energy efficiency is the key to longevity, comfort, and budget savings. Construction workers and future homeowners do months of research before they make an investment in new windows. So, we at Testeral are here to simplify the process and help make your decision process easier and faster. All things considered, it always comes down to three factors: quality, sustainability, functionality and price.

What makes window energy efficient?  

Superior window frames: taking care of the insulation and the heat/cold regulation, keeping the perfect ration between the outside and the inside temperature

Quality glass: the factor that blocks the UV rays from braking trough and getting in

Weather stripping: characteristic that energy efficient windows must have. It is the barrier that blocks water and draft from getting in and passing through.

Energy efficiency is crucial for all customers whose top priorities are environment, affordability, and low energy bills. As buyers are getting more and more educated on energy efficiency, we have the great task to deliver and meet their expectations, by offering  premium frames that match their expectaions for design, functionalities and of course, energy savings.

Also, by purchasing energy efficient windows for your next customer or your new home, you are looking at the excellent possibility for future savings on maintenance: imagine the savings when avoiding extra expenses on bills and unnecessary annual maintenance in only 8 year time-span?

Don’t hesitate- ask us anything about energy efficiency; we will be more than happy to help.

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