Security first – 8 Surprising Home Burglary Facts

Security first – 8 Surprising Home Burglary Facts

  1. A burglary occurs every 26 seconds.
  2. The average loss from burglary is $2,799.
  3. Burglary is the most feared property crime.
  4. Burglaries usually happen during the day.
  5. Summer is a hot time for burglaries.
  6. Rural areas get the most burglaries.
  7. Renters are burglarized more often.
  8. Most break-ins often occur from the back of the house.

8 reasons why windows and doors need to have a sufficient standard of security. Without standard security, an alarm system is useless.

How can you properly secure your home from unwanted visitors?

Aluminium windows and doors are well resistant to burglary because of the extreme stability and resistance to deformation of the base material. Now, we offer a choice of burglary and bullet resistance levels with optional several locks on multiple sides of the window. Also, think about our safeguards that ensure that the position of the open windows can only be changed if they are closed first, leaving thieves left out.

For additional security of aluminium windows and doors, there are various options. For example, special security fittings with several locking points and a deadbolt. The hardware is fitted with an anti-drill plate and an anti-lift device. This makes it almost impossible for thieves to drill the lock or break open the window using a crowbar. Sounds good, right?! By replacing existing glass with safety glass and ordinary glazing beads by special ones, safety will always be increased.

Of course, The “Test, don’t assume!” principle was applied.  Check the video showing the resilience of our products against burglars.