Aluminium Railings


Aluminium Railings

Crystal line

Crystal line - E Line

E line system is ultra-robust, combining the benefits of safety, transparency and functionality. It is certified to resist to linear mload up to 3 KN/m. The excellent engineering design with the certified mechanical properties, make it the perfect solution for challenging situations such, as sturdy constructions and highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. E line system has been installed in countless high-end projects around the world, each one having its own distinctive features and strict requirements.

Glass balustrades are unmatched for their ability to bring safety, visual appeal and practicality to high traffic external spaces. The excellent engineering design of this system with the certified mechanical properties make it a signature product. Safety is no longer a question or concern, for any type of construction even with the strictest specifications. Specified glass panels and 88.4, 1010.4 and 1212.4 with thickness of 17.52 mm, 21.52 mm and 25.52 mm, are to be used with this system.


  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Certified system
  • Resists linear loads up to 3 KN/m
  • Meets strict safety regulations
  • Undisputed functionality and performance levels
  • Easy alignment of the glass panels
  • Optionally mounted with a top handrail
  • Wide range of colors upon demand
  • Suitable for use in crowded public spaces such as museums, airports, hospitals, sports stadiums and shopping centers.
Aluminium Railings System
Aluminium Railings System

Crystal line - C2 Line

Frame-less glass offers a seamless and stylish appearance which is unmatched by any other product. For a sleek and unobtrusive look, Type C2 is the indisputable solution. The square line supporting bases are fixed on the ground profile and coved by fascia profiles, easy to remove in case of glass replacement. Glass panels specified for this system ar e: 88.4, 1010.4, thickness of 17.52 mm & 21.52 mm. Maximum height at 1200 mm.


  • Frameless.
  • Modern and elegant design.
  • Complies to the strictest safety regulations (test results available).
  • Easy alignment from internal side of balcony.
  • Quick installation with a floor guide.
  • Possibility of embedding the system.
  • Optional use of handrail.
Aluminium Railings System

Anodised line - F50

F50 Anodized line is based on a simple design and construction perception: a tube system made of anodized aluminium artistically designed giving a fine, highly aesthetic total.

The metal parts may be easily combined with glass or polycarbonate sheets, offering unlimited options of design applications. The several applications of F50 system offer unique solutions to modern constructions, such as:

  • Balcony railings, proving their particular resistance to various weather conditions.
  • Railings of internal stairs, giving a sensation of high aesthetics inside houses and buildings.
  • Railings of exterior stairs, suitable for modern houses and buildings.
  • Railings for stairs at public spaces, particularly useful in large cities, as well as other spaces, such as hotel & domestic swimming pools, etc. for balconies and stairs.